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Create devis from royalty-free catalogs, make cost estimates and compare offers from construction companies you invite yourself. All online, all in one place.

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“Das browserbasierte Smart Devis hat das Potenzial, allen lizenzpflichtigen Bauadmin-Applikationen davonzulaufen!”

— Daniel Minder, Atelier M Architekten

Smart Devis vereinfacht das Devisieren und erleichtert einen digitalen Ablauf der Submission.”

— Harry Bee, Bee Ronner Architekten

Smart Devis ist das perfekte Tool für kleine, junge Büros – um von Anfang an professionell zu arbeiten!

— Patrick Schlüter, Büro Schlüter

Efficient and clear tendering

Smart Devis brings structure to construction planning and makes the lives of architects and construction planners easier. We digitalize the tendering process – tendering is more efficient and simple than ever before! Whether it’s creating cost estimates, creating items from catalogs, inviting contractors, comparing online offers or directly creating service contracts: Smart Devis makes it possible!

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Intuitive, simple and modern

Thanks to the simple, modern and intuitive web solution, the tendering process becomes clearer. All you need is a browser.

Free beta testing phase

Smart Devis is free of charge – for both architects and for contractors. Help us to improve the application during the beta phase.

Manage all devis in one place

Create cost estimates & devis and always keep the overview
Create positions from royalty-free catalogs or through free text
Invite contractors, communicate with them and compare offers
Select contractors and then directly download the service contract

Time saving in tendering

Templates help to save time. In addition, the time consuming filling out and sending back and forth of Excel sheets is no longer necessary.

License-free catalogs

The most important catalogs are integrated in Smart Devis – available license-free and at the touch of a button. Unique for a tendering software!

Complete tendering in the cloud
Secure and protected on Swiss servers
Full access to your devis anytime and anywhere

Einfache online Devisierung für Personen aus der Baubranche

  1. Architekten
  2. Bauherren
  3. Deviseur
  4. Baumanagement
Smart Devis bietet lizenzfreie Kataloge für folgende Branchen:
  1. Baumeister und Tiefbau
  2. Maler
  3. Dachdecker
  4. Plattenleger
  5. Schreiner
  6. Fensterbauer
  7. Reinigung
  8. Gerüstbau
  9. Betonsanierung
  10. Gipser

Too busy to prepare your tenders yourself?

We do it for you, so you can focus on other priorities and do even better work!

Order devis on demand

Compare and select offers

Contractors create their offers directly on Smart Devis. As soon as you have compared them and made your choice, a service contract is generated directly.

Cost estimation and cost control

The cost overview integrated in the tendering process makes cost control a child’s play. Effective costs are always compared with estimated costs.

Upgrade your construction planning today